At QuickConfirm, employee data security is a top priority.

We store employee information in its own unique database instance (each employer has its own database instance). To keep our employment verifications secure, the employee data is encrypted and can only be accessed by third parties that the employee has allowed/approved access to.

In order to complete a secure employment verification in our system, a third party will need to know where the employee works and the employee’s SSN. Unlike competitors, our encrypted income verification and employment verification system does not allow database searches due to the secure way the data is stored.

How Secure is QuickConfirm?

We take employee data security very seriously. QuickConfirm is compliant with all applicable HR data privacy laws and provides the highest form of security on multiple levels.

4096-Bit SSL Encryption

We offer encrypted salary verification and encrypted employment verification services. Information captured by QuickConfirm is encrypted using the full 4096-bit SSL, known as Secure Socket Layer encryption technology. Our web servers' software is kept up to date with the latest stable releases, service packs, and security patches. 4096-bit encryption provides a very high-level method of securing data on the Internet.

Internal Systems Encryption

QuickConfirm employs multiple levels of encryption with multiple encryption algorithms on and between internal systems to ensure your sensitive data is kept secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Digital Certificates

QuickConfirm protects your computer and your account information by using Digital Certificates for authentication. One form of a digital certificate is a randomly generated set of characters that our computer sends to your browser. The browser on your computer stores this information and uses it to verify that the Internet address is actually QuickConfirm and not someone masquerading as QuickConfirm. A Digital Certificate can be used in the same way a passport or driver's license is used as a means to establish identity.


Another very effective element used to protect the data within our system is the use of redundant firewalls, the network connectivity architecture that separates the public pages from the database records themselves. Our established firewalls are designed to block unauthorized access while at the same time permitting authorized communications.

Visitors coming to our site access only our Web pages. Restricting access in this way means that only authorized and authenticated users can access secure salary verification and employment verification data.

Session Security

Login and Password Feature - QuickConfirm requires that you enter a unique password to log in to our secured pages. Our system authenticates all passwords to verify that you are who you say you are before you access your account information.


QuickConfirm provides user id/password authentication over SSL and single sign-on options, such as SAML.

Login Attempts

Additionally, QuickConfirm tracks the number of login attempts made by any user. After a number of incorrect password attempts, online access is disabled. Access to your account will then need to be re-established by responding to security questions established by each unique user or by calling our customer support line.

Session Time out

We also include session timeout functionality. If your session remains idle for a given time, it is ended automatically. This is done to protect your account from unauthorized access if your computer is left unattended or you have not logged off.

Relational Database Management

DBMS provides a complete audit of all transactions and provides fast, accurate, restores should that be necessary.


Cloud-based backup and restore supporting a robust disaster recovery as well as a fast accurate recovery process.

Data Sanitation

FIPS 199 NIST SP 800-88 for media sanitization and life cycle security.

HIPAA Compliance PCI Compliance SSAE2 Compliance