Privacy Policy

Use of Data

QuickConfirm is a leading provider of employment and salary verifications. QuickConfirm adheres to a strict policy that all data belongs to the employer and their employees; as such, QuickConfirm never sells or otherwise distributes this data to any third party.

Third-parties requesting employment or salary verifications must be an authorized verifier and must have authorization from the owner of the data, the employee, to obtain salary information.

QuickConfirm never sells or distributes employee data in any manner other than through the website to authorized verifiers or the employees of clients who have access (at no cost) to their data.

QuickConfirm does not permit batch searches. All clients’ data is stored in a unique database instance and is never commingled with another client’s data.

It is the employer's responsibility to provide accurate data; QuickConfirm never alters data in any manner. In instances where data is inaccurate, employees are advised to contact their payroll or human resource department to have their data verified or corrected.

Data is provided for permissible purposes under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), to verify current and past employment and gross salary. In cases where an employer provides salary history, that data may also be requested. All requestors must attest to compliance with FCRA before any verification is provided.

Mobile Data

QuickConfirm will never text you. If you provide your number, it will only be used to follow up on your request.
No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. This excludes text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; cellular information will not be shared with any third parties.

Commitment to Privacy

QuickConfirm respects the privacy of all information being safeguarded on behalf of clients and their employees. QuickConfirm's servers are PCI and HIPAA compliant. Security measures are continuously reviewed and updated as circumstances dictate. Data is stored in an encrypted format, and any movement of data is encrypted a second time to ensure the safety and privacy of all information.

Use of information

When an authorized verifier makes a request, the process requires a logon, including a User ID and a password. This information is maintained through the employer's processes. Data cannot be changed on the website or in the QuickConfirm database, except by a file refresh from the client/owner.

If for some reason, a party is unable to recall their password, an email to can be sent for the password to be reset. Resets are addressed after the requesting party's identity has been verified. Any reset password must be changed by the end-user upon their first use of the reset password.

If the UID is forgotten, it can be requested by emailing The ID will be provided after the requester's identity has been verified.

QuickConfirm never stores credit card information, if a credit card is used to pay for a transaction that information is removed from the system upon transaction completion. All transactions follow secure protocols, including SSL with 4096 Bit encryption. All critical data within the database is encrypted.

Backup data is cloud-based and is re-encrypted as a further assurance of privacy protection.

QuickConfirm does not use, request, or store any PHI or health-related data.

Data Storage and Staff

All data is domiciled with the continental United States. All staff is located within the Continental United States. Customer Service provides support across all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Other services

In addition to employment and salary verifications, QuickConfirm provides immigration letters. Unemployment Insurance/Unemployment Claims, printed W-2s, I9-E-Verify, and other related services are offered through partners. QuickConfirm does provide eW2s as an integral part of the offering.