Request an Employment & Salary Verification Demo

We welcome the opportunity to provide a demo of our employment verification process and salary verification services.

Our demos are presented by a senior member of our team who will walk you through our solution. Employment and income verification demos take between 30 to 60-minutes. We will walk you through each role, employee, verifier, and employer portals, and discuss the process used for government and social services requests. Guided by your needs, we will show you how easily employees can access their employment history and salary history and how they can securely enable third-party verifiers to obtain their employment & salary verification.

Next, we will move to the verifier's role. This step will help you see how quick and easy it is to complete a verification of employment information, followed by a verification to include salary. All verifications are governed by a permissible purpose under the FCRA. We will then walk through the employer portal, review the available reports, and cover our complementary services. Questions are welcomed throughout the presentation; we will address any remaining questions as the meeting draws to a close.

Learn how QuickConfirm can help your human resources team streamline your verifications and get you and your team back to managing more mission-critical tasks.

Note: QuickConfirm will never text you. If you provide your number it will only be used to follow up on your request.

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